I am yours

A year ago

I would never believe 


Someone, you 

Could love me 

No longer someone, 


To dispose of 

I am not 

what I have been told 

Through actions 

Garbage, trash, tainted 

I am what you see 

Beautiful and flawed 

God heard me and said I love you 

So he gave you to me

Thank you 

I whisper each night 

I lay with you 

You kiss me so sweetly

I am enough for you


I have you 

Hold me tight 

You set me free

I did not know happiness is something one could hold, 


But I found you, 

Somewhere in between 

someone save me from myself and 

I saved me from myself 


Am or am not 


Perfectly designed yet flawed 

Does god smile at his work

When an apple falls but you make a pie with the brused 

Were you always meant to taste so sweet 

They say you find your home in the ones you love 

Why am I living in the unfinished basement of a beautiful soul

I know you’re building something better

With me or for me

I know you love me 

Never alone 

But sometimes I feel lonely 

You hold me 

I will build you something beautiful